Wednesday, 23 August 2017


                                               THE BIG STORM
Image result for boat in storm
One big stormy night the boats were rocking back and forth, back and forth. You could hear the creaking noises in the big wooden boat. The waves were getting stronger and stronger and bigger and bigger! All of a sudden... BANG!!!BOOM!!! There was big roars of the humongous storm coming to the wooden boats. And ZAP!!!!!!!!! The lighting hit the the waves very hard and then the waves kept getting bigger and bigger. The waves went so big that it turned into a tsunami!!!! The boats got smashed but the crew was safe when they went on big platforms from the smashed boats. They were stuck in the middle of the ocean. What would they do?? THE END!!BY BEN237!!! [:;]

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Fact or fib

The Bugatti veron is the fastest car in the world?
The Hennessy venom is the fastest, smashing 435.31 kmph.

There is a car that has 19 engines? 
There is a car with 42 wheels with 19 engines called the BMW 4219eli and is the most weirdest car in the world! 

Porsche is made in Italy?
It is made in Germany.

They could make roads with plastic bottles?
Dutch people might make them in the future.

My peg magnet

This is my magnet.